IMG_2406.jpgThe Kingdom of Thailand has for me, always been a place that when I’m there, I can feel my inner spirit soar to the heights of spiritual well being and enigmatic happiness. To me, I feel as if a part of me is a daughter of Ancient Siam.

A land of opulent royal palaces, a living and ruling monarchy , beautiful beaches, the amazing metropolis of Bangkok, ancient ruins of Ayuthaya, ornate temples showcasing beautiful images of the Buddha, who is the most revered symbol of Thailand, beautiful rivers, and a rich agriculture, Thailand has so much to offer and so much they inherently love to share.

The Thai People are a beautiful group of ethnically diverse cultures, religions, and SMILES. They are polite, deeply spiritual, seemingly happy and always , always, on the  move. Tourism, agriculture, technology, and some of the best beaches, 5 Star hotels, and amazingly superior entertainment in the world , has helped Thailand become one of the most sought after destinations for European and American tourists alike.

In the past Thailand incurred a very seedy disposition, as being a play ground for white anglo soldiers and business men alike , to sew their not so royal oats. And with that came the demand for questionable requests that have left a very bad scar on the country and its people, to which I’m appalled, because the people of Thailand are so much more beautiful then that ugly picture that those questionable people paint.

But behind all the negative stigma , the people of Thailand were able to remain resilient in their quest to find the middle path in life, and continue to transcend their negative stigma by now becoming one of the worlds top Destinations. To me, the people of Thailand have such a beautiful soul. The country as a whole is so spiritually beautiful to me, and overtime I visit, which has only been 4 times, I always find myself at peace and my spirit so full , and I always feel as if, I’ve come home.

You have Electrifying Bangkok, which could easily be the 3rd sister in the set of top world cities triplets like New York City and Tokyo. Where the skyline would make you think you are in any of those two cities. Which boasts some of the worlds top Hotels, drop dead gorgeous restaurants, and any true shopaholics paradise.

To the North of Bangkok, there is spiritual Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai with hundreds of beautiful Buddhist temples , amazing country side, indigenous mountain people with their stacks of neck rings still living their ancient culture.

Then there are the beach towns of Phuket, Krabi, and Ko Samui. Where crystal clear waters, 5 star resorts and the most exotic foods you could think of are all waiting to entice you to let loose and become one with the land.



Capital: Bangkok
Dialing code: +66
Currency: Thai baht
Population: 67.01 million (2013)
Official language: Thai
The top two religions i’ve seen while in Thailand have been first Buddhism and second hinduism which coincides and is integrated within buddhism. So you can be saying a mantra to Buddha and then a few steps away make an offering of thanks to Lord Shiva. This spiritually enriched country is what I love so much about it.

There are so many reasons to visit Thailand, and I’m going to share all my experiences with you in my upcoming Blogs on Thailand…