I’m currently transiting to Buenos Aires via SLC and aTL from Hawaii.

I arrived at 7 in the morning with a good 6 hours To kill. Instead of being miserable in the airport and Delta’s minimal offerings for a lounge , I decided to go for a quick visit to downtown Salt Lake Coty.

Getting to the city is a Breeze. In 15 minutes by light rail, you can be in Temple Square.

Here’s step by step information on how to get to Downtown Salt Lake City by light rail.

First exit the terminal (1 or 2) towards arrivals and baggage claim.  If you’re coming from Terminal 2 , follow the signs and in Around 5 minute you’ll be at he ticket booth to the train.  If you’re in terminal 1 , the Light rail is a minute’s walk by following the signs.

Once you get to the Ligjt Rail Terminal, simply go to the kiosk and choose Round Trip. The cost is $5 and you can pay by credit or cash

Take the Green line to downtown and in 15 minutes you’ll arrive in Temple Square stop.

Hungry for some real breakfast , I asked a stranger where I could find a decent place for an American Breakfast. Lamb Grill he said. So I walked 2 blocks south on Main Street /100 to Lamb Grill.

Lamb Grill was a very lovely restaurant with a very nostalgic feel. It reminded me of a diner in the 1930’s. The decor  was dimly lit with red velvet seats and couples booths scattered throughout the restaurant. There is a diner dining top to get the true diner feel. The workers were very pleasant and nice which just added to the pure allure of the place. My breakfast was divine. Eggs Florentine which creamed in your mouth washed down by the most freshly pressed orange juice around all for $13

After breakfast I meandered through the very quiet streets , adoring the marvelous store fronts that both had modern and nostalgic  feels.

I made my way to the famous  Temple Square, which on its property housed the tremendous Temple, Tabernacle, church and wonderfully landscaped gardens and beautifully sculpted art work. I was in Awe. Although I wasn’t able to go into the magnificent looking Temple , I was able to enjoy a jaw dropping view of the Tabernacle and its glorious pipe organ


The grounds as you can see , are truly spectacular. s11s12s13s14s15s16s17s18s21s22s23s24s25s26s27s28

The temple square offers free tours at either their North or South entrances.  I opted to go at it alone. The Mormon Elders and ladies were all so sweet and welcoming.  They each where a name tag and a flag representing the country they are from.

In fact, it seems that the citizens of this quaint and beautiful city all were taught proper manners as they address you immediately with a kind salutation no matter  whom you may be. It was quite refreshing.

I then saw in the far off distance sitting oh so picturesque against the cascading snow topped mountains,  the very prominent State Capital Building Of Utah. So I made that treacherous climb up a very steep hill with carry on bag , purse and coat in tow , up and up past beautiful Victorian , Tudor , and Italian villa style homes to the Capital Building

There is a mall right in the heart of the downtown area called City Creek Mall. A pleasantly clean and beautiful ghost town of a mall , I wandered in for some warmth and a much needed bathroom break in their pristine restrooms. I couldn’t believe how dead the downtown area was , even at 10 in the morning.

Feeling like there was nothing else to see , I walked back to the light rail stop and took my train back to the airport.

After a speedy TSA check point, I’m writing this here at the Delta Lounge in terminal 2 enjoying my wine   I think it’s time for a quick smoke at one of the 2 smoking lounges available airside of the gates. How fabulous.
Wonderful visit to Salt Lake City with the surrounding snow capped mountains beconning me for a return.