cap10Oh Capri, you mystical and magical island. A dream come true.

Set smack dab in the middle of both the Bay of Salerno and the Bay of Naples, with her jagged cliffs, stunning pristine waters, and luxurious living. I could not wait to get to Capri.

She has always been a dream of mine.  I always wondered what it was like to stay and visit this famous sexy island. What I didn’t know was how wonderful I would feel leaving it.

Originally a retreat for former emperor Augustus and the final abode for his adopted son, Emperor Tiberius , Capri has always been a place of refuge , peace and luxury relaxation from Ancient Roman times.

Though one must wonder how with its steep jagged cliffs, someone decided to build a palace and castle on its very tip tops, is beyond me.

I left wonderful Sorrento, sad to leave but excited to see Capri around 10:30 am. I checked out of the wonderful Maison Tofani Hotel, and caught a 15 € taxi for the 4 minute ride to the port. I’m ridiculously heavy with luggage as I’ve shopped wat too much for the past 3 1/2 weeks through Italy. As I’m sipping my wine writing this to you, I’m getting a bit teary eyes remembering my amazing journey. 😭😭😭

Ok concentrate Erika

Im feeling fabulous in my white linen pants and green, rose, white and black top and white blazer. Why not right?

I arrived at the port to an EPIC line.

Omg everyone’s going to Capri.

3 lines full, I purchased my 20.5€ ticket for the 11:25 departure.

Hauling luggage at the marina in Sorrento is not pretty, especially with the amount and weight that I have.

At gate 9 the lines stretched forever. The 10:30 boat is arriving, and a guy told me its possible for me to catch it. Ok!! I will hahaha

I waited till most got on, and I rolled my bags down the right side and got in the boat. It was packed.

Knowing that it was only a 20 minute ride, I didn’t mind standing

Arriving at the port, I wasn’t able to see Capri show herself in all her glory because I was in the middle of the boat. No worries, I’ll hire a boat to take me around.

Before I got off, I rang my hotel to let them know I’m landing and immediately they said the white Mercedes is at the port waiting for you. Ooooh a Benz huh 🙂


Day 1 Capri:

The port was a mad house. Everyone was scattering like cockroaches in all directions. The choir of boat tour suggestions filled the square.

I saw my driver, he loaded me up and in a minute we were on our way up carefully maneuvering through tight spaces.

Not much longer, we arrived at the Luxury Villa Excelsior Parco Hotel.

Check in was a breeze and soon I was on the roof sipping organic PROSECO staring into the beautiful ocean.

My room… Omg it is to die for. Perfection! With a stunning view of the ocean and cliffs and with a jacuzzi for me outside. A jacuzzi!!!


I unpacked, ordered some lunch and relaxed on my veranda staring out, in total bliss, sipping my red.

Completely relaxed, I took a nice hour half siesta.. When I woke, I thought this was all a dream. Nope!! It’s not!

I headed out, took a ride up to town, and walked around.

There’s all sorts of life here.Vogue magazine supermodels in the latest fashions, the young and beautiful, the waist bag wearing tourists, the hiking gear naturalist, the bikini clad partyers, the up collared Italians, and the chic resort wear Uber rich. Wow…. Amazing



I walked through the designer ridden town feasting in fabulous fashion that’s out of my budget and just followed the designer stores till down the street and never stopped. I passed by beautiful villas and hotels I’ve only seen via trip advisor when trying to book a hotel. Stunning views, peaceful flower lined pathways and EPIC views. I came across stunting rock formations in the sea, and saw fancy mega yachts dot the ocean


Down the steps and passed through deep beautiful forests until I came across that deadly hill. Ugh.. Those steps. Out of breath, I stopped at a lovely restaurant right before the natural arch and had a fabulous blood orange spritz. Met lovely people from Argentina and France.


I walked a bit further to the arch and dropped my jaw at its splendid natural beauty. Capri has totally captured my heart in just a few hours.


I loved walking past the Peaceful residential area watching kids play and cats fight hahaha.


Now, sitting in Bar Caso in the piazza nursing my second wine, trying to figure out dinner. Its 19:44 and there’s a chill in the air but my buzz is on…

Day 2:

Woke up to a beautiful day and a gorgeous breakfast in the garden of my hotel. What? Eggs to order? Benedict please.

My driver dropped me off in Capri town, and I Made my way following Via Tiberio to Villa Jovis. A lovely walk passing people heading to town to work, school kids in their classrooms and beautiful villas with dogs hanging out. About 50 minutes into my walk, I came across Parco Astarita where an elderly gentleman urged me to come in and feast my eyes on 3 vista points. Wow, the Bay of Salerno is so beautiful. I saw scores of boats and yachts making white ripples in the water heading toward Capri and for all the beautiful grottos. The views were amazing. Upon leaving I heard a “Prego” and a glance at his tip jar. Ofcourse.. Hahaha. 50 cents for you darling.


10 minutes later, I was climbing the steps up to the ancient home of both Emperors Agustus and his adopted son Tiberio. 6€ and a flirtatious greeting later, I was being schooled by the bridge troll on the different bays and land masses I’m seeing. Ok Bay of Salerno, Bay of Napoli, Sorrento and Vesuvius. Grazie.

I followed the path up and stuck to the planned path. I’m trying so hard to imagine what this place was like 2000 years ago. What an awesome way to start morning.


Heading down was lovely of course. I stopped by Bottega Capri where the 6th generation proprietor (since 1917) was finishing up my 2 sandals. Perfect fit. 200 Euros later hahahaha..

Walked back towards the bus stop and purchased a roundtrip ticket to Ana Capri 4 €.

The line was epic, but 3 buses came within 5 minutes of each other and wow I scored a seat.

The bus was packed and I met a lovely couple from Colorado who was commenting on how quiet Capri was last night when they arrived in the slow boat from Naples around 8 pm.. Now its a zoo hahaha

Arrived in pretty Ana Capri and made my way immediately through centro Storico to my 1pm rez at La Zagara.

Here I am, just got done munching down a fabulous Caprese Salad and pork and 24 month aged cheese pasta, sipping my second glass of white, under the shade of many lemon trees. Beautiful.

The sun is out honey, and there’s a light cool breeze.

Now off to some shopping and Villa San Michelle. Then the chair lift up to Monte Salaro. But what I really need to find is a masseuse.

After a fabulous lunch at La Zagara, I pleasantly strolled through Centro Storico.

I found the chair lift and bought a round trip for 11€

The ride to the top was pretty cool. I kept thinking to myself “ok if you fall its only a few feet down make sure you fall forward so you don’t roll down”. It was a peaceful ride and the views of the city were spectacular.

Of course at the top it was the icing on the cake. So amazing

Wow what a view.

Stayed up for all but 25 minutes.

The line to go back down was just as epic but it moved quickly.

Once back in the town, I walked around a bit and was……. Heading to Villa San Michele until I saw the sign saying “Beauty Factory ” at the Capri Palace 5 star Luxury hotel.

Of course I went in.

The hotel is GORGEOUS. I would stay there in a heart beat

I booked a massage and a facial. Although the prices were a bit high, I knew I needed it, the products they use are awesome and the place is fricken gorgeous.


2 hours later, I emptied out my bank account and left feeling beautiful and relaxed and with some new products. 😭😭😭😭

I wish money was never a problem. I hate adding things up. But its a reality I must face and will work extra hard at work… 🙂

It’s already past 6 pm and as I walked to San Michele, its closed. no!!!!!!!!

Oh well.

I noticed so many stores are now closed. At 6 PM?

Well I can’t afford to shop anyway.


Now sitting at Melissa Villa Capri on their Blue lounge and terrace enjoying a spritz..Hmmmm. Do I do dinner up here? Darn what time does the bus go back to Capri?


Found a restaurant recommended by a friend and stayed up in AnaCapri. Dinner was at Trattoria Il Solitario

Cute place.. Ate in their garden area under lemon trees yet again. Must be a thing with me and AnaCapri. Lunch and dinner under lemons .

To keep the theme of the day going, I ordered  lemon chicken, and mixed salad. But OMG desert was amazing. Tried something different, and ordered the Caprese Alamone. Juicy almond cake. I was moaning and groaning. So delicious!!!

The night air is cool now and the skies are clear enough to see some stars. I can’t wait for the full moon.. I love the moon 😉

Catching the bus back was hilarious. It was a full ride and every twist and turn down hill took everything for me to use my newly acquired core and leg muscles to stand straight.

Back in my hotel, I had them prep the outdoor jacuzzi in my room as is wanted to enjoy the night air.. There’s some awesome loud house music going on next door which was followed up with fireworks. Is there a nightclub next door? That would solve all my problems for tomorrow night.

Tomorrow I’m going to hit the beach. My hotel has a private beach club. I need to work on my tan, and to fix the farmer tan I got today.

Day 3

What a relaxing day I had today.

Started off by having breakfast on my balcony overlooking the misty water and cliffs.

Was trying to show my gfs back home what it looks like. They got the point but will have to wait till evening to see in full glory as Hawaii is 12 hours behind.

After breakfast I packed a beach bag and the driver took me to La Gemma Beach Club where they have a private contract with them.

Chose my beach lounge chair, ordered a sparkling Rose, popped out my earphones and book and just stared out into the crystal blue ocean. I watched as ferries, yachts and small boats came and went. A few genuine Italian Leather ladies sprawled out make sure they tan that leather.

I was relaxed.

About an hour later, I was getting all red and hot. Yuu would think that a tropical islander like me would have no problems with the sun and ocean. Well back home I’m bathed in SPF 50 and always hiding from the sun. All part of the anti-aging process I guess, hahaha.

After a while I couldn’t take it anymore, so me and my lobster legs jumped into the freezing water. Whoa instant wakeup. But surprisingly after a while the water became tolerable.

Ordered another glass of wine this time and kept reading and enjoying the atmosphere. It was a gorgeous day of swimming, reading, and people watching. Why is it that whenever a man is in the smallest speedo, he’s not an Adonis? Grrrr…cap20.jpg

After about 4 hours I decided to shower, pack it up and leave for lunch. But where to?

I walked by the Port and the choir of boat hires again but it seemed too cheesy and too loud.


Fired up The Fork and found a restaurant In between my walk back and the port. JK Place is a drop dead gorgeous hotel and part of the LHW group of hotels. The views were epic and beautiful. My table was superb in every way, comfortable and stunning views.


The prices were extortionate. But I’m sure the food is amazing.

Ugh it was so bland. It was boring. it made the Olive garden’s Linguine a culinary masterpiece next to this. Why? 😭😭😭😭😭

At 36 € mind you.. So after that dismal meal, glass of wine and 7€ water a 58 € bill for crap food, I left very disappointed.

Came home and had the deepest 3 hour siesta… Now I’m all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

Where to have dinner tonight? And where to go for a little dancing? Hmmmmm……

I had a fabulous dinner last night up at La Camerelle

It was gorgeous but weird when I had both a Coperto and a service charge on one check. Its ok, by this point I’m not really nickel and diming anything. Dinner started off late, around 9:45.. That’s what happens when you have a fabulous siesta and forget that you still have to tame that mop of hair.

The evening air was very cool and the restaurant provided blankets as I prefer to sit out doors so i can smoke.. No judging!cap35.jpg

After dinner I walked around a bit contemplating whether to try and go out or not.

I came across the La Palms Hotel with full on Karaoke going on. Some gent in a suit is singing My Way, with girl’s in long Pucci dresses cheering him on. I decided to grab a drink.. A lemoncello Spritz mind you lolcap34

The music kept going and my buzz was increasing. Ahhhh I think its time to go home.

So as I sauntered through town, watching a bunch of people heading to party somewhere, I caught and 18 € taxi for the 5 minute ride back to my hotel.

This morning I woke up a little hung over and very sad to leave.

I finished packing and showering before ordering my last balcony breakfast. I just sat and stared at the ocean and cliffs and wondered if I’ll ever be back in this beautiful place again.

Breakfast was epic as usual. Cinnamon French toast, 2 eggs over medium, fresh squeezed Orange juice and a cappuccino.Cap33.jpg

Around 10:30 I was ready to check out. So very sad to leave, I said good-bye to all the wonderful staff at the Luxury Villa Excelsior Parco Hotel.. 😭😭😭😭

3 nights of blisscap36.jpg

The driver of the hotel bought my ferry ticket and took me straight to #5 dock to catch my ferry all the while carrying my heavy bags. Now that’s service.

What a beautiful time in Capri and although its not the true end of my trip, it was a great way to start the ending.

Next and final stop …..Naples, A Return to the beautiful Life.