I do very extensive seat and plane research once I’ve figured out a destination (s) I’m going to go to. 

I shop around for flights even though I always end up with sky team affiliates as I’m pretty loyal. 

I then search all the possible routes to my destination. Being that I live in Hawaii , there aren’t many direct flight options for international travel except for some To Asia , Australia , and Polynesia. So I’m constantly looking for the best routes with minimal lay overs, unless I really want to visit a city on a long lay over like I did last year with a 13 hour lay over in NyC On my way to Madrid , or like I’m doing in May with an 8 hour layover in Salt Lake City because I’ve never been , on my way to Buenos Aires. 

I also search for he best planes that have the best seats. I’m flying the Boeing 767-400 from Atl – Buenos Aires in business class , with lovely lay flat bed seats. I’ve flown these planes before and I love them. 

However from Hawaii I have a less desirable older version of the 767-300 on delta in a 2-2-2 configuration. So as not to be irritated with my seat partner trying to go bathroom I decided in the middle row where both seats have immediate access to the isle  

Besides my eye spy research I’m particularly obsessed with checking my flights almost daily and seeing the seating arrangements to see how the plane is filling up. Has anyone you done this or does this ? Maybe I’m always too excited or just a little too obsessive. 

Here’s what today’s grids show me. 

Have a great evening everyone.