Aloha everyone. 

It’s been a while since my last blog.  I’m hastily putting my trip to Argentina together and even though it is pretty much all finalized , my head is yet to catch up with it.  

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about the past, present, and future of things. I’m always excited for a new adventure somewhere I would consider exotic , but I’m also always excited for my internal journeys I have been on   I’m constantly reevaluating my energy always trying to hone in on the best me. 

Traveling has allowed me to expand my soul and heart, and has taught me so many valuable lessons both mentally and spiritually   

With all the negativity weighing our beautiful earth down , violence, wars, elections , it can get really taxing on your soul   

How do I combat these negative forces? 

I surround myself with beautiful souls who exude possitive and the right vibrations   

But what I really do when those souls are not around me , is to create a safe and loving surrounding and light a candle or 2 

I’ve always believed in the power and magic of a candle. It brightens the darkest corner, brings you into light , has a healing energy , and is very pleasant to look at   

I’ve recently been obsessed ( in a very healthy way ofcourse) and hooked on this very special healing candle company called Aloha Elixer

Made here in Hawaii and filled with the love and energy of our beautiful islands , their candles have been such godsend for me    

 I’ve used their Angel candle  which I used to set my intention on the spirit world and ask for guidance and protection.   It smells beautiful with hints of gardenia. I loved lighting it and feeling it’s energy , and made for very peaceful and restful nights.  

While traveling in Vegas I used the Millionaire   candle. Now I know what you’re thinking. Girl you’re so superstitious. Well just call me super for short because I did hit a nice $1400 one morning while I was getting us coffee and still in my pajamas and guess what , the winnings just kept coming. For the first time ever I came home with money from Vegas.  I just lit the candle and put both my winnings and cash to spend for the day under it and no matter what I just said thank you and in grateful.  Gaming is for fun and not to be greedy , but i was really thrilled with all the blessings I received to which I attribute it to luck but also to the Millionaire candle    

Currently I’ve been lighting their NOW candle   Because instead of concentrating on the past and being overwhelmed with the excitement of the future, I light this candle to show my gratitude for the NOW.  And it’s beautiful. 

You can check out all the other amazing candles they have at Aloha Elixer and I’m sure they ship everywhere. 
Besides my candles which I bring even while traveling , if you look in my purse, I always carry Hawaiian salt. 1. To keep me safe and purify areas 2. To remind me where I come from. 3. Just in case I need some real salt lol. 
The moral of today’s blog is to light the flame of positivity within yourself. You can do this many ways , thinking possitive , surrounding yourself with positivity , and to get a quick strong kick of it , light a candle from  Aloha Elixer and spread your positivity everywhere you go and to whomever you meet. 

What a beautiful day it is today is t it ? 

Feel the love.