I just read this most amazing article on TRAVEL&LEISURE about how to make money while you’re traveling. 
There were many different scenarios that were interesting, but not so amazing in my mind as the little snippet story about  Charity Miles

This amazing app ( available on both iPhone and android ) enables you to walk, run, bike or all 3 while earning money for your favorite charity. 

It works by downloading their app , signing up either through Facebook or email , pick a favorite charity and choose how you want to start your mileage.  

You are shown a quick picture of an ad and then you start your exercise. At the end you will see how much you’ve generated towards your charity and can choose to donate. 



 How is this related to travel? Well as you know, and well at least for most of us , while on vacation visiting your favorite city or getting tagged on the top of a mountain, we walk like there is no tomorrow. No need for driving , because we want to feel the place and see its sights,right? Well all those miles and miles of wonderful walking and trekking experiences can now earn money and for the best of reasons, to help your charity. It’s not much but it’s something, and will make your trip feel even more amazing and memorable. 

Keep walking !!!!