Aloha.  Today is Saturday March 19,2016. It’s a work day for me , my 6th day in a row.  Fortunately we are shooting in peacful downtown Honolulu. 

Decided to skip lunch as I have been filling my tummy with delicious craft service , so to do myself a huge favor , I decided to skip our wonderful catered lunch ( I eat it everyday ) and go and re-explore my beautiful city. 

Oahu is by far my favorite island   I was born here at the Queens Hosptial , and raised just up the road from town in an area named after high chiefess Kuini Liliha. So technically I’m a city girl. 

I’ve walked these streets as a child a teenager and a young adult.  Some things have stayed the same but a lot has also changed. 

I started off by paying my respects to my beloved queen, Queen Liliuokalani  at her former residence at Iolani Palace   

It such a beautiful palace built by King Kalakaua and reminiscent of the beautiful palaces he had visited throughout Europe. On the grounds are lovely monkey pod trees and banyans and a fort.  

Directly behind the palace on the grounds now referred to as capital grounds , lies the current State capital building.  Which to many Hawaiians is a detriment to the nation of Hawaii and defamation to the royal grounds. It is equally a beautiful structure.  

Across the street ( King street ) lies Ali’iolani Palace which was built before the current Iolani Palace and also by King Kalakaua   It houses Hawaii’s Supreme Court, is absolutely stunning  And is a place we film at a lot as Hawaii 5-0 Headquaters is said to be there 😉  it’s most famous sight is the 8 foot tall statue of King Kamehameha the Great.  The first King of all Hawaii who United ( through war) all the islands to one and established a monarchy system and abolished the chiefly system in hawaii.  

A leisurely walk makai ( ocean side ) led me to Queen street where I strolled through enjoying the new and beautiful business offices and condos with their symbiotic cords still attached to the first colonial : European style architecture that still remains today.  










Alas my half hour is up and now its time to return to work and making movie magic. 

I hope you enjoyed my very short but sweet tour of downtown Honolulu. 

Any questions I’ll be happy to answer.