img_8054We had packed up our belongings , piled into our Nissan Nova and our driver Manoj was well stocked for our 3 1/2 hour drive   We’ve just visited the beautiful and mesmerizing Mehrangar Fort of Jodhpur and it was early afternoon. 

More winding roads were ahead of us and quaint little villages. 

I decided to make an overnighter in Pushkar because of its temple to Brama. One of the only one left in India. I also know that it is a very popular place for Sadhus ( holy Brahman ) as this city is dedicated to their Lord , Lord Brahma.  

The Brahmin class are the highest level class within the Caste system, with the Royal maharajas class  below them   It is very interesting to note how the Indian Caste system , albeit discriminatory and cruel in my opinion , would find the Brahmin Holy class to be above all others in the caste system. 

So my intrigue with Pushkar was very high on my spiritual bucket list.  

As previously mentioned , we past through many small villages along the way and as per the season , saw many more wedding parties heading towards their pre determined , some say destined , spouses.   

We arrived at our hotel Pushkar Palace Hotel and was met by our tour operator a VJAY and his friend. We were not interested in hanging out, meeting with , or any of the sort as we were a bit exhausted by our tournofnJodhpur and the 31/2 hour car ride.  We were checked in by the manager and had to fill our information on a gigantic book something maybe St Peter has at the entrance to the Pearly gates.  That was kool. The hotel initaly looked very u welcoming as it is quite well , rustic with over grown foliage and I was expecting a cobra to pop out any second. The hotel over looks Pushkar lake. A beautiful lake with many ghats surrounding it. I saw a few sadhu praying and I couldn’t wait to get to the Brhama Temple. 

Our room was heritage average. Old squeaky bed, hard lenolium floors, a very large bathroom with claw tub and a very noisy fan. It felt like a setting for a good Hitchok movie.  So far not so good. 

We freshened up and decided to hit the city and possibly visit the Brahma temple. On our way out we were met by a worker who advised us not to go to the temple as there are many untrustworthy fake sadhus who will charge us more than a hundred dollars to do fake prayers etc. Bummed out about this we just decided to walk around   

To get out of our hotel we had to walk through shanti alley. An alley filled with questionable people who were staring at us like we were prime meat , and traversing over and through a garbage heap. It was quite entertaining   

We reached the heart of the city and it was festival of every sort of hippie possible.  There were merchants trying to sell the ties for your bread bags, to more higher end leather goods. Unfortunately there not much to see or do since we couldn’t or chose not to loose our money trying to see the famed temple. As previously mentioned this town sees an influx of white Anglo hippies who enjoy the marijuana benefits of following a sadhu life . Especially the begging part of it.

I was once told that a true sadhu has his hands down , sign of giving , and not up a sign of begging. But there are really very little true sadhus while most exploit the tourist. 

The highlight of the evening was watching the monkeys steal everything they could in such swift movements   Even the cows were expert thieves , stealing bread from carts while the shop owners ran quick to take the plastic off so as not to allow the cow to digest the plastic. 

Hungry and well a bit bored and irritated , we rushed back to our hotel to ha e some food at the in house restaurant. Although it wasn’t a culinary delight , something we have started growing used to , it was decent. 

Back at our room , we couldn’t wait to get the hell out of Pushkar at first light. We rang up Manoj and informed him that we would like to get out of here ASAP in the morning. 

My one regret was that we weren’t there during the annual camel rodeo where thousands of camels and camel owners submerge in Pushkar coming out of the nearby Thar desert , to trade , buy, and show case their camels. 

Pushkar, what a disappointment but a necessary hurdle   It is all part of the experience. 

Tomorrow , The Pink city of Jaipur